Thursday, January 19, 2012

B"H   Yechi Hamelech!  
We want Moshiach Now!   
One good deed can change the world!

יחי אדונינו מורינו ורבינו המלך המשיח לעולם ועד

We want Moshiach Now! Yechi Hamelech!

Long Live The King Moshiach!

One good deed will change the world!

Your Acts of Goodness and kindness will hasten the coming of The Ultimate Redemption By Moshiach Now!!!

Welcome Moshiach!

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Using Technology to Bring Moshiach/Messiah 

Expressed in many ways - The Achim Edery are
Dedicated to showing the Path to connect Technology with Moshiach!

And now some more details: when there is something that has a way to Advertise Like a website, Blog, Musical Advancement, Videos, Stories, games, coloring books, or simply Anything out there that can get the message out -  then - as People under The one G-d, even more so Jews and Chasidim and followers of the Great Rebbe of Lubavitsh - Rabbi Schneerson - The Rebbe Shlit"a King MOSHIACH/The Real Messiah - our job at this point in history is to let the world know the the Rebbe is Moshiach, and that he is coming to take us out of exile, and take us to the holy land and there - we will build the third temple in the ultimate redemption - which now - the time of your redemption has arrived - has already begun - we just need to open our eyes and see that we are in the times of the redemption - and that Hashem/g-d will be coming down to this world - his world - to dwell in it with us like before human error - we must prepare ourselves our homes and all our surroundings for g-d's presents - in a revealed way - here with us. in simple words; we must tell the world that Now - the only thing left to do before world refection is : "To greet Moshiach"
We Have Entered Moshiach's Times!

How do we greet Moshiach? The Rebbe tells us many easy ways. But the first and foremost way is; To learn about Redemption and Moshiach with another 10 Jews/in a class/Shiur, every day.

And this- says the Rebbe - elevates a person from his personal exile and lets him see the world from the "Redemption view", once in this state, you see things differently - you are looking at the situation of the world from "On top", and then you can help others too to realize that these last struggles that humanity is going through, are just the preparation for the Revelation of Moshiach in the world! 

Crowning Moshiach
"אין מלך בלא עם"
This is The Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a
"There cannot be a king without a Nation"
king David was anointed as king of the Jewish people of Israe-l, but he did not become king because of that -in Jewish law, only the PEOPLE can make a king - king. the crowning must come from the nation, they must accept him as king, only then is he king.

Regarding our situation the rebbe tells us that moshiach is ready to come what's left is that the Jewish people Must accept him as king Moshiach- who is Moshiach? the Rebbe! how do we know? because the rebbe said so himself! not once put many many times! (see the book called "Besuras Hageulah" Available in Hebrew, English & Yiddish) And The Rebbe encouraged over 400 times the singing of "Yechi"! The words of "Yechi" are "Long live our Master our teacher, Leader and Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and ever!"

A Step up What About Gimmel Tammuz 
(the- so called- Rebbe's 'passing')?

Rebbe King Moshiach
Illustration: Mount Sinai

The answer to that is; we know that in the Jewish Faith we don't go after our eye's. 

we go according to the Torah, if a sage tells you in the middle of the day "its night" then its night. we know that the Torah is the truth and that's that. the rebbe tell's us in Parshas Bo the year Taf Shin Nun Beis that "unlike in the previous generation were the redemption did not come in actuality, in this generation - the 9th generation, there is no death c"v and not only that, put everything goes up - stronger and stronger".

In other places too the Rebbe prepared us for this state, and what we see from what the Rebbe says is that its just a test - the last test before the Arrival of moshiach, just like when Moshe Rabenu/Moses went up to mount Sinai to get the Torah, and the Jews miscounted the days, and then the Evil Inclination made a image of Moshe laying down on a bed dead c"v and the Jews lost hope - they wept and cried and then some of them went to build the golden calf... The rebbe says that the same souls that left Egypt are the same souls that will leave this exile - we need to fix the Firm Faith that we needed to have that Moshe will come and give us the Torah - and now - That Moshiach will come and take us out of Galus/Exile and teach us the New Torah of Moshiach.
Learning About Moshiach in 770

We want moshiach now!
Long Live The Rebbe King Moshiach Forever!

One good deed WILL change the world!

a little light dispels a lot of darkness!

Goodness and kindness will bring the Redemption!

Turn over the world today!

Do all you can to bring down Moshiach NOW!

Let us sing and dance untill moshiach comes!

With Ahavat Yisrae-l/Love of your fellow Man, we will bring Moshiach

Hashem's Truly, 

Yossi Edery

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Yechi Hamelech HaMoshiach!
Long Live The King Moshiach!