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The Message of Redemption 

      1. I'd like to start off with this video in particular, because it is such an important video for all of us to see, as creations of Hashem, and especially the jewish people - we must know what Hashem wants us to do to bring Moshiach. Moshiach is the reason for creation, and the time for his coming is now! so we must hurry up and know what The leader of our Generation The Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a has to tell us on how to bring Moshiach NOW!

        This is 'Besuras Hageulah'/the Message of Redemption - this was broadcasted to millions at the Superbowl, and the world now sees how moshiach is here, if there is a first video a chasid should see - its this,The Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a's special talks and special moments about redemption and moshiach. 

We want Moshiach Now! Yechi Hamelech Enjoy!


B"H, Yemos Hamoshiach, Website founded 5,772 Years to the creation of the universe. 

By now, everyone is well aware that the Exile or Galus is ridiculously overdue. However, because it's so dark, it's VERY hard to get into "Moshiach Mode" because the fight is brutally high. However, we like to look at things a little differently here at AE Headquarters, and in doing so, we found a HUGE idea in how to spread the word of Moshiach's arrival and in the proper way that is not only interesting but its good for all!

What is this mystery of the long Exile or Galus? 

Well, its about doing more good deeds and doing all we can! some think its only...for KIDS! 

fortunately, Energy or Chayus for moshiach in children is growing at epidemic rates here in the U.S. Because of this, parents are continually being reminded by them of all the possible spiritual health that will come with "moshiach now", if they take action to bring him faster. 

Desperately parents are searching and looking for solutions on how they can teach their children about Moshiach. Whether its good Yeshiava's (Jewish schools) and camps, or moshiach videos, Educational games on moshiach, or just creative Moshiach Classes or Shiurim, they are BEGGING for the Redemption and on tools that will help them bring Moshiach now! 

Yet, when you're talking to parents about something that will affect their children's well being, you need to be very intentional when it comes to how approach them. Their emotions are running high, and if you can empathize with their feelings, they won't even think twice about taking you up on your suggestions.

So how can you emphasize with these parents to help there kids be more involved in bringing mohiach? read on to find out...

In almost all cases, it's actually the mother who is the one looking for information on how to help her child. While bringing Moshiach is a concern, her primary focus is to find out what she can do to stop any FUTURE Chinuch problems that may come up - chasidish'wise.

These mothers are battling not only fear for their children's Chinuch, but also their own guilt and feelings of inadequacy for not being able to help their child themselves. They are well aware of the seriousness of the situation now in "dor hashvii", and are reaching out because everything they've tried or thought of hasn't fixed the situation. "Preaching" to these mothers by telling them everything they're not doing (or worse, that what that what they ARE doing is wrong) will have them looking away from Moshiach related things in a blink of an eye.

Instead, encourage them for being concerned enough to look for solutions. You don't need to be a Mashpia, a Rosh Yeshiva, or create a detailed Moshiach plan in order to solve their problem, but rather focus on offering HOPE! Recommend Shiurim or services that offer the POSSIBILITY of a solution in education about moshiach . Mom's will be leery of false promises and are wise enough to not believe in things that don't last - giving them the hope that there is something out there that MAY work will boost your credibility in their eyes.

As for what solutions to suggest, your possibilities are nearly endless. You could promote affiliate offers of anything from  good moshiach videos for children , ways there kids can join in Mivtsoim on Fridays, books on how to add more to bring moshiach (The "Besuras Hageulah" is a great option), and more. Here are a few places we'd recommend looking at first..

Videos On Moshiach - Moshaich Videos

Our generation has been blessed with many challenges of all sorts in Education, social, religious, and humane respects, all this combined with world events can really startle us, Rabbi Doctor B. Trappler tells us words of wisdom that shed light on all these issues and brings them together in a most fascinating way, this video is a must watch for everyone of us, Yechi.


Video! - The Baal Shem Tov's Gilgul, Part 2

We made this video a bit before Shavuos, with the best boys in Lubavitsh! its the story of the Baal Shem Tov and how he revealed himself to the Jewish people and the world on command of his teacher Adam Baal's the second video of the Baal Shem Tov that we made, stay tuned for the rest of the story...and the main thing is Moshiach now! Yechi Hamelech Hamoshiach! Enjoy till Moshiach!
By the Achim Edery. With The help and power of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a.

Learning About Moshiach Brings Moshiach quicker, Here Are A few Words About Moshiach:

The word for Redemption – גאולה – is made, of the word גולה (exile), just with an Extra א in the middle.

 The letter א (אלף) - can refer to אלוף which means ‘chief’ or ‘ruler’, referring to Hashem who is ‘Ruler of the world’.

This means that when we are in Galus (גולה) and we reveal that Hashem is “Ruler of the world” (אלוף-א) then we get גאולה– Redemption and Moshiach Now!


The final Geulah - Redemption is about revealing that Hashem is Ruler of the world?  

What about the revelation of G-dliness as He is higher then just being Creator of the world?

What about the revelation of the Essence of G-dliness that will take place when Moshiach will come?

Why is it that these superior aspects of Moshiach’s coming, are not seen in the word גאולה?


Actually, the א of גאולה doesn't just refer to אלוף - the “Ruler of the world”. It also refers to G-dliness which is higher than the world. We’re talking here about the level of G-dliness which is expressed through Torah. Yorah came before and is higher than the world. Here’s the hint: א = אלף=אולפנא=Torah learning.

Furthermore, the א also refers to the highest level of G-dliness – G-d’s Essence! This level of G-dliness will express itself in the miracles that will take place when Moshiach comes; it will also express itself in the ‘wonders’ contained in the Torah – the secrets of the Torah that will be revealed to us when Moshiach will come (א=אלף=the same letters as פלא=miracle/wonder).

So here we have it: By adding the א (refering to G-dliness in general) to גולה (exile), we get גאולה  (redemption). However, more specifically, there are three levels of G-dliness to be revealed here:
1.      The revelation of G-d as He is ruler of the world (אלוף).
2.      The revelation of G-d higher than just ‘Creator of the world’. This level of G-dliness is expressed through Torah (אולפנא).
3.      The revelation of the essence of G-d. This level of G-d will be expressed in the miracles and Torah-secrets of the times of Moshiach (פלא).

Lesson: This gives us an insight/tip into what we can do to make Moshiach come even faster whilst still here in גולה– exile.
First, reveal that G-d is ruler over the entire world: Show that everything that you do is for Him. Do even your every-day tasks to serve Him properly.
Second, reveal that G-d is higher than just Creator of the world: Increase in your Torah learning, thus bringing a higher level of G-dliness into the world.
Third, and most important, reveal the essence of G-d: Increase in your learning of Chassidus (and be sure to keep it real). Chassidus has the hidden parts of Torah in it, which is G-d’s essence. Also influence others to increase in the learning of Chassidus to reveal even more of G-d’s essence in the world.
By revealing א – G-d – in these three ways we will turn the גולה into גאולה.
Dvar Torah By: Reb Zalman Negin

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We want Moshiach Now!

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