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Here is Some Feedback from our Dear friends:

"Just a thank you. I have learnt so much from you so thank you.

"hello Yossi, I am 15 years old and live in a very small jewish community and the shul is very much not orthodox. i never used to be religious but learning for my bar mitzvah i was inspired by my rabbi and it completely changed my life for the better. now i keep shabbos always wear a yarmulke deven and lay tefillin every day. my family is not religious as well.
Should I say yechi?
What is it?
thank you
- - - - - - - - - - "

"Hi - - - - i read your e mail with great interest and i hope you grow in yiddishkeit and chasidiskait and Moshiachkait and in regard to your Q about yechi - yes you should say it - what is it? It is the cry of a jew that he wants to be under the kingdom of moshiach and start the time of the ultimate and complete redemption which can only be done by...the king moshiach, the rebbe tells us that when we say "yechi hamelech" we add life to the king moshiach"

"Hello Yossi
Oh wow okay thank you very much that is truly inspiring! Thank you very much.
I would love to say it but just what are the words?
Really thank you very much appreciated!
Even though I live in such a small jewish community and the nearest kosher shops are in - - - -! 5 hours away I have desired to keep kosher because my friend (who is also frum) goes to - - - - a lot a get me big orders. So that is very good and recently I have been increasing in Torah study a lot more. And am studying on Skype with my rabbi and my jewish friend. But I would like to get some l'chaim weekly and chayeinu! But at least I have Chumash but I only have 2! I need the other 3.
So thank you very very much.
Looking forward to talking to you again.
All the best."

The words are : Yechi adoneinu moreinu verabeinu melech hamoshiach leolam vaed. See some videos of chasidim singing it to the rebbe by typing Yechi in YouTube best regards, Yechi Hamelech! Moshiach now!

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